HomeJoy Custom E27 7w Plant Grow Light Bulb

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1. Simulated solar spectrum helps 5 times growth efficiency
2. Intelligent water control system and LED light on/off system
4. Adjust free growth height at any time




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HomeJoy Smart Indoor Garden 7W Grow Light Bulb Specifications:

Number of LEDs: 6x Hi-Power LED chips
Color temperature: daylight white
Illumination angle: 120
Exposure area: approx. 0.75 square meters (depending on exposure height)
Wavelength ratio: blue: 3; full spectrum (white): 3
Wavelength ranges: Blue: 430-450 nm; full spectrum (white): 400-700 nm
PPFD: 32 µmol × m-2 × s-1, at 30 cm distance
Lifetime: >30.000 hours
IP protection class: IP55


1pcs color box
100pcs/Outer carton
Outer carton: 66*33*23cm



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