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Start your journey to the smart garden!


Simulation of optimal plant growth

environment with multi-wavelength

light source.
grow light gif show

With water pump, smart water

control system to promote water

activity, 10mins cycling.

Water Pump Show


5 times growth efficiency with simulated solar spectrum helps.

Stepless control alloy metal lamp arm.

16hrs LED light working time, turn on/off the light automatically.

Abnormal red light and electric cut protect for water lack when water less than the half-height of water pump, the alarm works.

Photosynthesis test report

Follow in our footsteps and begin your first plant!

A. Assembly the parts and put Nutrient solution with water into the water box following the instruction
B. Put the seed(not supplied) in the Biochar phosphorus
C. Light up the light.

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Ask for a sample to experience the growing process.
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More About HomeJoyTech

10+ Years of LED Products

Based on traditional LED products, we have been committed to the R&D of new products to meet customer needs.

Provider of LED Solutions

Based on traditional LED products, we have been committed to the R&D of new products to meet customer needs.

Efficient Delivery Time

With our advanced equipment and efficient production processes, the delivery time is 30% faster than other factories.

OEM & ODM Available

In addition to a large number of neutral packaging products in stock, we can customize it according to your needs.

Why Choose HomeJoy

Enjoying an intelligent and eco life

Choose A Healthier Life

We are keen to improve the way of life of the Modern Family through technological development.

A Safety Balance Diet

No herbicides, No pesticides, Non-GMO seeds. From plant to plate, easy way to keep safe.

Growing up with Kids

Grow fresh vegetables with your children and develop a strong scientific interest from an early age.


Strict quality control & pre- shipment inspection. Keeping a 365 days warranty.


Fast delivery time & sufficient capacity. 


R&D Engineer1s provides your customized solution.

Best Service

Provide HD products video & photos in time after order confirmed.

Complete Certifications

We have complete industry product-related certificates and factory certificates.

Dropshipping Supported
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Ongoing R&D Investment
Stable After-sales Support

Start your PLANTING JOURNEY with HomeJoy Tech

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